We Are PMA Venture Capital Group

Located in the Lobby of the Wells Fargo Plaza in downtown Boca Raton, our team is comprised of top-tier professionals in the legal, financial, and startup industries.  Through charity and through the companies in which we invest, PMA Venture Capital Group is committed to promoting the health and wellness of mind, body, and soul.

Our Team

George K. Pagoumian

Founding Partner & Managing Associate

Our Founding Associate, Mr. George K. Pagoumian, immigrated to America as a young man, bringing with him the philosophy and work ethic of his family roots in the nation of Armenia. He later founded NAPCO LLC, building it into one of the largest independently owned wholesale consolidation-focused global property insurance firms in the United States. Under Mr. Pagoumian's leadership, NAPCO insured many of the largest corporate firms on U.S. soil. Upon his departure from NAPCO, Mr. Pagoumian founded PMA Venture Capital Group to directly invest in ventures that operate in health-related and wellness-focused industries, with the vision of bringing a healthier way of living and thinking to the world.

Brandon M. Esposito

Of Counsel

Brandon acts as outside counsel, overseeing all of PMA's legal and operational activities.