Realizing dreams for a healthier way of life

As a green venture capital firm, we’re committed to funding innovations which promote a healthy mind, body, and soul, both for our local community and communities abroad.



Here at PMA Venture Capital Group, our core mission is to bring a healthy way of thinking and living to the world. As a green venture capital firm, we search for companies whose teams consist entirely of positive, energetic, and driven people, who are committed to the health of the communities where their products or services will be marketed and sold.
As such, we are dedicated not only to developing the highest quality products and services available to consumers, but also to utilizing these products and services to facilitate natural disease prevention and promote wellness of body and mind.

It all begins with you.

1. Create your business plan

Cover all the bases

2. Submit it to us

We’ll add it to the queue

3. Wait for a response

If we like your idea, you’ll hear from us